Location of all Riza Falls in Arid Path from Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, more specifically in the Riza Falls area of ​​Arthetine, you can get several Mokoko Seeds. It turns out that many players are struggling to find them. So we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will point out the location of all Mokoko Seeds in Riza Falls of Lost Ark!

Location of all Mokoko Seeds in Riza Falls from Lost Ark

In Riza Falls, there are 10 Mokoko Seeds to search for and collect. These seeds are scattered throughout Riza Falls. Then, once you find them, simply walk up to them and interact to collect them. Here are all the locations of these seeds in Riza Falls in Lost Ark:

Ark Mokoko Riza Falls
Location of Mokoko Seeds – Reproduction: Lost Ark

To find more Lost Ark items, you can check out this interactive in-game map.

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