Location of all Views in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, Vistas are special locations that the player can visit, and many want to visit all of them. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to find all the sights of Lost Ark!

How to find all Lost Ark sights

The first view is the “Cashew Tree Forest” in Seaswept Woods. Once you reach the docks, follow the trail north towards the Cashew Tree Forest location in Lost Ark. Instead of entering the forests, go northeast and up the path to the right near the Hardshelled Forest Locarok. The floating bezel will be next to a ridge with two palm trees that intersect.

The second View of Tortoyk is on the northwest side of Seaswept Woods. From the first lookout point, head west past the Violent Monkey boss’s lair. Then, continue west until you reach the co-op quest “Marks or Messages”. A little further northwest, near the entrance to Mokoko Village, Lost Ark fans can discover Vista, “Giant Cashew Tree”, at the roots of the huge golden-leafed tree.

Keep in mind that Mokoko Village does not have Views. After passing through the village, continue towards Sweetwater Forest. South of the Mokoko Village entrance, the “Vertical Rotary Elevator” view, can be found on top of a leaf next to the vine-controlled elevator.

Lost Ark Views
Location of all Views on the map – Playback: Lost Ark

The fourth View of Tortoyk is also located in Sweetwater Forest. The Vista is at the northernmost point of the map, near the entrance to Pirate’s Den Dungeon. To reach it, players may need to defeat Fierce Mantises and Extremely Fierce Crows or Elite Red Mist Pirates and Loyal Hybee Guardians, depending on which path they take. On the other hand, those who wish to reach the “Path to Pirates’ Den” View without passing through the elite enemy lairs should take the route on the left, which begins at the entrance to the Skyreach Steppe.

After entering the Skyreach Steppe, continue north to find the “Entry to Grave of the Guardian”, the fifth View of Tortoyk Island in Lost Ark. After crossing a ledge, players come to a fork in the road. The route on the right leads to a Mysterious Tree Monster’s lair, and the one on the left leads further into the area. Stay on the left edge of the map until you reach a large bridge made of tree roots. The scope will be on top of the bridge. The sixth and final Vista in Tortoyk is in the Forest of Giants. Before traveling to the second section of the area, players will see the “Hand of Tortoyk” View near the junction.

Lost Ark is an isometric camera action MMORPG. Those who have played Diablo will never feel quite at home. There are 15 different classes to choose from, each with totally different abilities, animations and mechanics.