Minecraft – What is Podzol and how to get this block

In Minecraft, Podzol is a different type of earth block than the conventional one. It can be used to grow mushrooms. So we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to get Podzol in Minecraft!

How to get Podzol in Minecraft

First of all, you need to know how to identify a Podzol block, which is pretty easy. The only difference between it and an ordinary grassy earth block is that the surface of the Podzol block is brown, not green.

Now, know that when you find a block of Podzol, it can’t be obtained conventionally. In fact, the only way to get it is with a Soft Touch enchanted tool. That’s because if you break a Podzol block without a Soft Touch enchanted tool, you’ll only get one earth block.