Street Fighter Alpha 3 Special Moves

Street Fighter Alpha 3 has a total of 17 characters, each with its own special moves. However, it is very difficult (or almost impossible) for you to know all these head hits. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this post with all the special moves of each character in Street Fighter Alpha 3 so that you don’t have to pause the game to look!

Just below you can click on the character you want to see the special moves in Street Fighter Alpha 3:

All special moves for each Street Fighter Alpha 3 character

Weak punch
Weak kick
Strong punch
Strong kick
  • means you can press or
  • means you can press or


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Jaguar Carryor +
XTHEV Jaguar Slamor +
XTHEV Jaguar Stabor +
XTHEV Jaguar Throwor +
XTHEV Jaguar Crunch+
XTHEV Rising Jaguar+
THEV Jaguar Kick+
X Jaguar Kick
XTHEV Jaguar Tooth+
THE Jaguar Revolver+
XTHE Jaguar Varied Assault+
XTHE __Jaguar Thousandduring level 3 or in the Jaguar Varied Assault X-ism
XTHE __Jaguar Assassinduring level 3 or in the Jaguar Varied Assault X-ism


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Seoi Nageor +
XTHEV Tomoe Nageor +
XTHEV Jigoku-gurumaor +
XTHEV Tenma Kuujin Kyaku, up in the air +
XTHEV Zugai Hasatsu+
XTHEV Senpuu Kyaku+
XTHEV Gou Hadouken+
XTHEV Hadou no Kamae+
XTHEV Zankuu Hadouken+
XTHEV Shakunetsu Hadouken+
XTHEV Gou Shoryuken+
XTHEV Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku+
THEV Zenpou Tenshin+
XTHEV Ashura Senkuu Forward+or
XTHEV Ashura Senkuu Backward+or
THEV Hyakki Shuu+, then…
THEV __Hyakki Gou Zando not do anything
THEV __Hyakki Gou Shou
THEV __Hyakki Gou Sen
THEV __Hyakki Gou Saiany direction + when you are close
THEV __Hyakki Gou Tsuiany direction + when you are close
THE Messatsu Gou Hadou+
THE Messatsu Gou Shouryuu+
THE Tenma Gou Zankuu+
XTHE Shun Goku Satsu


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Head Bomberor +
XTHEV Kuuchuu Head Bomberor +
XTHEV Dash Straight+
XTHEV Dash Upper+
THEV Dash Ground Straight+
THEV Dash Ground Upper+
THE Buffalo Headbutt+– reverse only
V Buffalo Headbutt+
XTHEV Turn PunchHold orand release.
X Crazy Buffalo+or
THE Crazy Buffalo+
THE Gigaton Blow+


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Bull Spikeor +
XTHEV Bad Throwor +
XTHEV Bad Scrapor +
XTHEV Body Press+
XTHEV Bull Drop+
X Bad Hammerstanding closehold
XTHEV Bull Head+
XTHEV Bull HornHold or, then release
XTHEV Murderer Chain+
XTHEV Bandit Chain+
XTHE The Birdie+
THE Bull Revenger+or


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Wild Fangor+
XTHEV Jungle Slamor +
XTHEV Wild Shootor +
XTHE Rock Crushclose, or+
V Rock Crush+
XTHEV Amazon River Run+
XTHEV Electric Thunder
XTHEV Rolling Attack+
XTHEV Rolling Backstep+
XTHEV Vertical Rolling+
XTHEV Surprise Forwardor +
XTHEV Surprise Back+
XTHE Ground Shave Rolling+
THE Tropical Hazard+, or


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Hooligan Suplexor +
XTHEV Frankensteineror +
XTHEV Flying Neck Huntor +
XTHEV Air Frankensteineror +
XTHEV Spiral Arrow+
XTHEV Cannon Spike+
V Cannon Strike, +
V Cannon Revenge+
XTHE Axle Spin Knuckle+
XTHEV Hooligan Combination+, then…
XTHEV __cancel
XTHEV __Razor Edge Slicerdo not do anything
XTHEV __Fatal Leg Twisteror + close to the head
XTHEV __Cross Scissors Pressureor + close to the waist
XTHE Spin Drive Smasher+
THE Reverse Shaft Breaker+, or
THE Killer Bee Assault+


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Dragon Suplexor +
XTHEV Knee Gatlingor +
XTHEV Flying Buster Dropor +
XTHEV Airjackor +
THEV Knee Bazookaduring the dash, press
X Knee Bazookaor +
XTHEV Jump Sobator +
XTHEV Step Kickor +
XTHEV Spin Back Knucklestanding
XTHEV Sonic Boom+
XTHEV Somersault Shell+
XTHE Somersault Justice+
THE Sonic Break+,
THE Crossfire Blitz+


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Sankaku TobiJump against a wall,press in the opposite direction
XTHEV Koshuu Touor +
XTHEV Ryuusei Rakuor +
XTHEV Kouhou Kaiten Kyaku+
XTHEV Kaku Kyaku Raku+
XTHEV Yousou Kyaku+
XTHEV Hyakuretsu Kyaku
THEV Kikouken+
THEV Sen’en Shuu+
THEV Tenshoukyaku+
X Tenshoukyaku+(reverse only)
X I’m Hakkei+
X Spinning Bird Kick+
XTHE Senretsu Kyaku+
THE Kikoushou+
THE Hazan Tenshoukyaku+


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Prisoner Throwor +
XTHEV Bad Stampor +
XTHEV Guilty Stampor +
XTHEV Stomach Blow+
XTHEV Crack Kick+
V Yokeorwhen attacked
XTHEV Bad Stone+hold to delay
THEV Fake Throw+hold to delay
XTHEV Ruffian Kick+
XTHEV Criminal Upper+
THEV Bad Spray+(when knocked out)
XTHEV Tokushu Koudou: Knife Hiroi+
XTHEV Tokushu Koudou: Knife Kougekiwhen armed
XTHEV Tokushu Koudou: Knife Nage+when armed
XTHE Final Destruction+
THE Dead End Irony+


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Seoi Nageor +
XTHEV Otoko Nageor +
XTHEV Gadouken+
XTHEV Koryuken+
XTHEV Dankuukyaku+
THEV Kuuchuu Dankuukyaku+
XTHEV Zenten Chouhatsu+
XTHEV Kouten Chouhatsu+
XTHEV Shagami Chouhatsuwhile crouching
XTHEV Kuuchuu Chouhatsuwhile jumping
V Saikyou-ryuu BougyoBlocking, then +
XTHE Hisshou Buraiken+
THE Shinkuu Gadouken+
THE Kouryuu Rekka+
THE Chouhatsu Densetsu+
THE Chouhatsu Shinwa+
THE __Zenten / Kouten Chouhatsuor +or during Chouhatsu Shinwa

Dee Jay

Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Funky Shout Throwor +
XTHEV Monkey Flipor +
XTHEV Air Monkey Flipor +
XTHEV Knee ShotJump diagonally, +
XTHEV Air Slasher+
XTHEV Double Rolling Sobat+
XTHEV Machine Gun Upper+,
X V Jackknife Maximum+
XTHE Sobat Carnival+
THE Climax Break+
THE Theme of Sunrise+


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Yoga Smashor +
XTHEV Yoga Throwor +
XTHEV Yoga Tripor +
THE Yoga Shock+(hold )
THEV Tegatana Suihei Chop+
XTHEV Drill Zutsuki+
XTHEV Drill Kick+
THEV Kuuchuu Chouhatsuwhile jumping
XTHEV Yoga Fire+
X Yoga Flame+
X Yoga Blast+
X Yoga Teleportor +or
THEV Yoga Flame+
THEV Yoga Blast+
THEV Yoga Teleportor +or
THEV Yoga Escape+(reverse only)
X Yoga Tempest+
THE Yoga Inferno+
THE Yoga Strike+
THE Yoga Stream+

E. Honda

Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Tawara Nageor +
XTHEV Saba Orior +
XTHEV Tsuriyane Nageor +
X Flying Sumo Press+
X Hiza Gerior+
X Harai Gerior+
THEV Flying Sumo Press
THEV Hiza Geri+
THEV Harai Geri+
XTHEV Hyakuretsu Harite
XTHEV Super Zutsuki+
XTHEV Super Hyakkan Otoshi+
XTHEV Ooichou Nage+
XTHE Oni Musou+
THE Fuji Oroshi+
THE Orochi Kudaki+

Fei Long

Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Seichuu Renten Gekior +
XTHEV Shuu Kubi Karior +
XTHEV Shuu Kubi Rakuor +
XTHE Chokka Raku Shouor+
V Chokka Raku Shou+
XTHEV En Geki Shuu+
XTHEV Rekka Ken+(run 3 times)
XTHEV Shien Kyaku+
X V Rekku Kyaku+
XTHE Rekka Shinken+
THE Shien Renkyaku+
THE Ryuu Yassai+
THE Ryuu Shin YassaiIt happens during the Ryuu Yassaihits the opponent with the last active frames


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Jurakuor +
XTHEV Houzenor +
XTHEV Shuugaor +
THEV Ansatsu Ken: Sou-ryuu
XTHEV Hyakurenkou
XTHEV Gekirou+,
XTHE Zan’ei+
THE Shitenshuu+
THEV Ansatsu Ken: Ki-ryuu
XTHEV Kyoutetsu
XTHEV Onkyou
THEV Kirou+
THEV Satsujin+
XTHEV SaizuJump over the opponent,
THEV Uken> Shakudan, quickly
XTHEV Jasen+
THEV Ouga+
THE Kouga+
THE Jakouha+


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Judo Throwor +
XTHEV Dragon Suplexor +
XTHEV Flying Mareor +
XTHEV Flying Buster Dropor +
XTHE Knee Bazookaor +
V Knee Bazookaor +
XTHE Rolling Sobator +
XTHE Reverse Spin Kickclose, or +
XTHEV Spin Back Knuckle+
XTHEV Sonic Boom+
XTHEV Somersault Kick+
THE Sonic Hurricane+,
XTHE Somersault Strike+


Coup NameAttack Button
XTHEV Sankaku TobiJump against a wall,press in the opposite direction
XTHEV Seoi Nageor +
XTHEV Tsukami Nageor +
XTHEV Izuna Otoshior +
XTHEV Hiji Otoshi+
XTHEV Kubi Kudaki+
XTHEV Kamaitachi+
XTHEV Bushin Gokusa Kenwhen you are close
X Bushin-ryuu Seoi Nage+when you are close
XTHEV Bushin-ryuu Seoi Nage+or during Tsukami Nage
XTHEV Bushin Izuna Otoshi+, close
XTHEV Izuna no Hiji Otoshi+, far away
XTHEV Houzantou+
XTHEV Bushin Senpuu Kyaku+
XTHEV Hayagake: Kyuuteishi+,
XTHEV Hayagake: Kage Sukui+,
XTHEV Hayagake: Kubikari+,
THE Bushin Hassou Ken+
THE Bushin Gourai Kyaku+
XTHE Bushin Musou Renge+


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