The Best Summoning Weapons in Terraria

In terraria, at summoning weapons, as they are called, are usually used by those who choose the Invocation class. Fortunately, they’ve gone through a big change with Update 1.4, which has greatly improved gameplay as a Summoner. This class has now gained better armor sets and stronger weapons, which has made it one of the easiest classes to play.

This guide will talk about the best summoning weapons in terraria, as well as the armor that should be used in Hard mode and the best choices for the final part of the game. We will mention whips, sentries, summoning staffs, among others.

Terraria: Pre-Hard Mode Summoning Weapons

While there are some better additions to the Summoner class in Pre-Hard Mode, it’s still not the easiest class when melee and ranged weapons are predominant. However, here are some of the best summoning weapons in terraria if you are challenging yourself:

WeaponDamageHow to get
Chaffinch staff7It can be found in chests under the Living Trees.
Wasp’s staff12Made with 14 Beeswax
devil’s staff17Made with 17 Infernal Stone Bars
  • O Chaffinch staff is one of the first summoning weapons in terraria. Activate it and a finch chick will land on your head and fly to attack enemies. It is very useful even if you are not playing as a Summoner.
  • O Wasp’s staff is the next serious update, not counting the Slime Staff, which is very rare. This weapon will summon a Wasp that poisons enemies.
  • The last item is the devil’s staff, which triggers a debuff On Fire! on enemies.

Best Pre-Hard Mode Harnesses

One of the biggest additions to Update 1.4 was the introduction of Summoner Whips. Some options are more appropriate for this type of class; are they:

  • O Leather Whip is a great choice early in the game and works well when combined with some of the above staffs. It can be purchased from the Zoologist for 15 gold, but you will need to have completed 15% (79 records) of the Bestiary. If you explore a lot, this shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.
  • The best whip this way is the Lumbar puncture, made with bones and spider webs. However, you will need to defeat the Skeletron before creating it. It is very effective in boss fights and works very well in battles against multiple targets.

Hard Mode Summoning Weapons

Now, you will have a lot of fun with the summoning weapons in terraria. Hard Mode will present you with a bunch of new weapons for you to play with. Here are some of the best ones:

WeaponDamageHow to get
spider’s staff26Made with spider fangs; brought down by the Black Recluse Spider, found in the Cave of Spiders.
Staff with Blades6Knocked down by the Jelly Queen.
Pygmy staff34Taken down by Planetera.
Staff of the Mortal Sphere50Knocked down by Deadly Orbs, enemies that appear during the Solar Eclipse when the Planeter is defeated.
Stardust Dragon Staff40Made from Star Dust in an Antique Manipulator.
terraprism90Overthrown by the Empress of Light when you defeat her during the day.
  • O spider’s staff is the first weapon you will receive when entering Hard Mode. If you’ve already found a Spider Cave, go there and kill some Black Recluses. They are very dangerous, but the reward is worth it.
  • Don’t let the damage of the Staff with Blades deceive you. Despite this, it can pierce enemy armor, making this staff a precious weapon in Hard Mode.
  • O Pygmy staff summons up to four pygmies who throw spears at enemies. They’re not very accurate, that’s true, but they can be useful against large waves of enemies.
  • Another useful weapon against a mass of enemies is the Staff of the Mortal Sphere. He’s slow and has a short-range, but he can take out groups of enemies quickly with his damage.
  • O Stardust Dragon Staff is probably one of the most beautiful weapons in the game. Also, he summons an entire dragon. It’s amazing and it also does a lot of damage.
  • THE terraprism it’s the strongest minion weapon in the game, although it doesn’t attack through blocks. You can also opt for the Xeno Staff.

Best Hard Mode Whips

In Hard Mode, you can find a bunch of whips for your arsenal. Some of them work well if you focus on a melee build. Write down these tips:

  • O snap it’s probably the first whip you’ll see in Hard Mode. It can be knocked down by the Wall of Flesh and applies the Burning debuff! against enemies. It also causes any minion that hits an enemy to generate a small explosion, which makes the quick attack minions even stronger.
  • THE Durindana is one of summoning weapons in terraria more powerful. It is crafted from Hallowed Bars and generates Durindana’s Blessing buff, which increases your attack speed by 25% after you hit an enemy. It can be used in conjunction with another whip or a melee weapon.
  • Like Durindana, Damn harvest it promotes a melee damage boost, which makes it a good choice for someone focusing on this type of build.

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