Location of all Fists of Fury in The Witcher 3

In The Witcher 3, Fists of Fury is the name of fighting competitions that take place in all major regions of the continent. It turns out that many players don’t know exactly where to find one. So we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we’ll teach you how to find all the Fists of Fury in The Witcher 3!

Location of all Fists of Fury in The Witcher 3


  • Stan Papa Fish “There’s a group of wrestlers outside Lindenvale Tavern, east of Raven’s Perch. There you can fight him.
  • Blacksmith – There is another group of fighters outside the Taverna da Encruzilhada, at Notre, do Pereiro do Corvo. There you can fight the blacksmith. Now, this fight takes place indoors, so be careful not to get stuck in some corner!
  • Jonas – This opponent is in BlackBough, west of Raven’s Perch. You’ll find Jonas in a small village near Blacksmith.
  • Sergeant – Velen’s champion (which can only be fought if you beat the three previous opponents) is on the Raven’s Perch itself. You’ll find the Sergeant outside the Baron’s fort near a large dead tree in the center of the yard.


  • Georgious Georg – Battle against this opponent can be obtained by talking to Cleytop in Novigard’s Golden Sturgeon.
  • Archibald O’Neill – Leaving Esturjão de Ouro, turn left and go straight across the bridge. Then, as you pass the King of Beggars, turn left again and then right. Once that’s done, take the second left and then right to find the fight against Archibald.
  • Iron martimer – After talking to Patty Gruber after the fight against Archibald, go left, go through the brick arch and take the first left. Then, take the first right and go straight, passing Casa das Rendas. When you reach a fork, choose the left path and take the right, crossing a bridge. Then, turn right where there is a small water fountain and go up the stairs on the right and go straight through another brick archway. When you do, you’ll encounter Novigrad’s third fight, against Captain Martimer.
  • Durden the Tailor – Go back to Casa das Rendas, exit through the big gate on the left, and cross the bridge. So take the first right and then the first left. When looking to the left, you’ll find Durden.


  • Valgard – This fight takes place at the Port of Kaer Trolde. There, you can battle Valgard to begin your journey through Skellige’s Fists of Rage.
  • Einar – This challenge can be found in Harviken, on one of the smaller islands of Skellige, located in the southwest region of the map.
  • Grim – Back on the main island you can find Grim in Arinbjorn on the western peninsula.
  • Olaf – First of all, know that Olaf is not a common enemy, he is a bear! This opponent can be found on the island of An Skellige, in the northeast region of the map.
  • Champion of the champions – On the island of Spikerook, you can find this opponent, more specifically in Hov. Now, know that this is not a common opponent either, as the Champion of Champions is a stone troll!


  • Colossus – This opponent can be found in the St. Sebastian district of Beauclair.
  • Silent Waters – Find this opponent in the Upper Town district of Beauclair.
  • Macomb – Look for Mancomb at the docks south of Upper Town. You’ll find this opponent in the courtyard near the Nilfgaardian Embassy.
  • Conductor – At the docks, you’ll find the Maestro at the Port of Beauclair, near the signpost.