How to Add Cover (Thumbnails) on Youtube video

To make your content stand out, it’s worth learning how to cover a YouTube video. The platform separates a few frames from your video as a cover suggestion, but you can insert an image from your gallery to catch the attention of new viewers.

From your computer, you can insert a custom thumbnail while uploading a video. To change the cover of already published videos, simply access YouTube Studio via the browser or the mobile app (Android | iOS). Here’s how to put a cover on a YouTube video!

How to cover YouTube video while uploading

  1. On the computer, open YouTube in the browser, select the camera icon and press “Upload Video”;
  2. Select the file from your computer and, while processing the video, go to the “Thumbnail” section. In this field, you can choose between frame suggestions or select “Upload Thumbnail” to upload the photo. Choose your image and press “Next” to finish uploading.

How to put cover on a video already published on YouTube

  1. Access YouTube Studio via the browser or the app. Then go to the “Content” tab;
  2. YouTube Studio will show the list of uploaded videos. On your computer, click the pencil icon next to the title. On mobile, tap the three dots icon next to the video and select “Edit Video”.
  3. Then tap the pencil icon next to the cover. On the computer, make the changes in the “Thumbnail” field;
  4. Choose from the suggested frames or tap “Change” to upload an image from your gallery;
  5. Confirm the thumbnail change and press “Ok” to confirm. Return to the editing screen and tap “Save” to finish.

What are YouTube’s recommendations for video covers?

YouTube itself recommends some specifications for the size of the thumbnail image. The platform’s suggestion is for submissions with a size limit of 2 MB; 1280×720.0 resolution with a minimum width of 640 pixels; 16:9 aspect ratio and files in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats.

Also, cover images must follow community guidelines. If thumbnails are inappropriate for viewers or violate these guidelines, YouTube may remove them from the platform.

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