Top 10 Potions in Skyrim

We know that learning the game’s alchemy system can be intimidating for new players, but with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be crafting Skyrim potions like a pro in no time. One of the best recipes in one that promotes multiple buffs, but sometimes some nasty ingredients get added by mistake.

Here are some Potions you may find useful in Skyrim. These all have positive effects to them and don’t have any negative effects. They vary on the type of situation your character is in, like if they need more health or magic power.

Top 10 Potions in Skyrim

As we’ve already advanced, we’ll give you the recipes for some of the best potions in Skyrim. Follow below:

Snowberries + Spriggan Sap + Blisterwort

Effects: Fortifies Enchantments, Fortifies Smithing

Want to prepare for a Crafting session? Drink this potion first, as it provides the Dragonborn with boosts to two useful Crafting skills. These effects are not only quite valuable, but they also work well with each other.

Enchantments applied will be more powerful and weapons and armor will be improved to a greater degree. This will allow the player to craft stronger and more powerful gear to keep them alive in the vast world of Skyrim – or to sell for a little extra gold.

Location of Ingredients:

  • Snowberries: These little red berries are plentiful in the coldest areas of Skyrim. Look for them near Dawnstar and Winterhold.
  • Spriggan Sap: Despite the name, players will not find this ingredient on dead Spriggans. Instead, the only way to obtain it is to buy (or steal) it from an alchemy shop.
  • Blisterwort: Like most mushrooms, Blisterwort is common in cold, damp areas such as Dwemer caves and ruins. It is especially abundant in Chillwind Depths.

Ashen Grass Pod + Pine Thrush Egg + Purple Mountain Flower

Effects: Fortifies Lockpicking, Fortifies Sneak, Restores Stamina

The perfect potion for thieves, this recipe strengthens essential stealth skills, making it much easier for the Dragonborn to break into houses and help themselves to valuables. Also, if you are low on stamina, this mixture will also solve that.

Unfortunately, the Ashen Grass Pod is a DLC-exclusive ingredient, found only in Dragonborn. For those with the DLC, however, this potion is definitely worth a trip to the island of Solstheim.

Location of Ingredients:

  • Ashen Grass Pod: As mentioned above, this ingredient is unique to Solstheim. It can be found throughout the ash desert in the southern half of the island.
  • Pine Thrush Egg: These ingredients can be looted from bird’s nests in the eastern regions of Skyrim; they are more common in Reach.
  • Purple Mountain Flower: These are common in the temperate regions of Skyrim, such as the plains of Whiterun Hold and the forests around Falkreath.

Briar Heart + Ectoplasm + Glow Dust

Effects: Restores Magicka, Fortifies Magicka, Fortifies Destruction

A perfect blend for mages of destruction, this potion ensures you have plenty of Magicka ready and your spells do more damage.

Whether you rely on fire, ice, or shock, this potion ensures you have enough Magicka to cast your highest-level spells, as well as increase the damage those spells inflict. Battlemages should pack some of these potions whenever they enter a fight.

Location of Ingredients:

  • Briar Heart: As the name implies, these ingredients can be looted from Forsworn Briarhearts. These are powerful enemies, so if you want to take a safer path, know that they are also available for purchase from alchemy vendors.
  • Ectoplasm: Loot this from the ghost remains.
  • Glow Dust: Dropped by Wispmothers; however, as this enemy is quite rare, you might have an easier time buying or stealing it.

Garlic + Slaughterfish Egg + Namira’s Rot

Effects: Poison Resistance (Poison), Regenerate Health, Fortifies Stamina

Every Dragonborn should take this mixture with them when diving into Dwarven ruins or other Falmer hideouts. These corrupted elves and their Chauru pets use debilitating poison attacks, so a potion like this is invaluable here, as it lessens the damage you take from such poisons.

Also, even when you get hit, Health Regen ensures that you recover quickly. Finally, with the extra stamina, you’ll be able to perform extra power attacks to overpower your enemies.

Location of Ingredients:

  • Garlic: Commonly found in homes and kitchens, the Dragonborn can usually obtain Garlic freely if they are on good terms with the owner of the house.
  • Slaughterfish Egg: Clusters of these can be found near the shores of lakes and rivers in Skyrim.
  • Namira’s Rot: Like most mushrooms, Namira’s Rot is common in caves. In Chillwind Depths, for example, you’ll find an abundant supply of these ingredients.

Snowberries + Bone Meal + Frost Salts

Effects: Fire Resistance, Frost Resistance, Fortify Conjuration

Note: Snowberries will make multiple appearances on this list because they are invaluable in providing elemental protection.

It doesn’t matter if the Dragonborn’s enemy prefers to roast or freeze their opponents – this potion will protect you, thanks to the Snowberries and their alignment with the other two ingredients.

Meanwhile, Bone Meal and Frost Salts work together to provide the Fortify Conjuration effect. This ensures the player’s Cast, from zombies to Storm Atronachs, lasts longer, wreaking havoc on whatever is trying to kill you.

Location of Ingredients:

  • Snowberries: See above.
  • Bone Meal: Can be looted from draugr, skeletons, or other undead enemies.
  • Frost Salts: Hard to find in the wild, Frost Salts can be looted from Frost Atronachs. They may also be in the hideouts of powerful mages.

Slaughterfish Scales + Thistle Branch + Tundra Cotton

Effects: Fortify Block, Fortify Two-Handed, Frost Resistance (Frost)

We’re halfway through the list with the best potions in Skyrim. Now, let’s talk about this perfect blend for a proud warrior. With the skills the potion enhances, you can use your battle axes and greatswords to deal even heavier damage to enemies, as well as being able to more easily dodge incoming attacks.

The Frost Resistance effect will also be useful. For a Dragonborn fighting a Frost Dragon or Ice Wraith, this potion not only increases offensive power but also allows you to stand upright even with an ice spear in your chest.

Location of Ingredients:

  • Slaughterfish Scales: You can find them in dead Slaughterfish or in alchemy shops.
  • Thistle Branch:  This purple flower is common throughout the Skyrim universe, usually in grassy areas like Whiterun Hold, Haafingar, and Falkreath.
  • Cotton Tundra:  These small white tufts are most common in the tundra outside of Whiterun.

Scaly Pholiota + Giant’s Toe + Mora Tapinella

Effects: Regenerate Stamina, Fortify Carry Weight, Fortify Illusion

Whether looking for a destination or simply wandering the world, this potion is essential for a wandering Skyrim Dragonborn. Regenerating Stamina allows for frequent dashes (or powerful attacks when facing enemies), while Fortifying Carry Weight allows you to pick up any stray swords, ore chunks, or interesting mushrooms you find.

The final effect may seem out of place to some, but this spell can save lives while exploring. Use Clairvoyance to find a way out of the cave, Muffle to get past a band of bandits, or Calm to quickly get away from a sabercat.

Location of Ingredients:

  • Scaly Pholiota: Can be found growing on dead birch trees and is most common on the Rift.
  • Giant’s Toe: You can loot this item from dead Giants, but to avoid being catapulted into the air, it might be safer to buy/steal it from an alchemist.
  • Mora Tapinella: This fungus grows on tree stumps and fallen logs. The Autumnshade Clearing region near Riften has a good number of these ingredients to collect.

Blue Mountain Flower + Wheat + Rock Warbler Egg

Effects: Fortifies One-Handed, Restores Health, Fortifies Health

For warriors who find themselves injured in a fight, this potion will get them on their feet – and maybe even help them gain the upper hand. With it, swords, maces, and axes will do more damage, which gives you good help.

Additionally, the potion restores and strengthens the Dragonborn’s health. Together, these ingredients heal the damage that has been dealt and allow you to take more hits while getting rid of your own pain.

Location of Ingredients:

  • Blue Mountain Flower: Like their purple cousins, they bloom in all temperate areas of Skyrim.
  • Wheat: You can usually find this ingredient growing on farms throughout the Skyrim region.
  • Rock Warbler Egg: Look for them in bird nests in the mountains, especially in areas with juniper bushes nearby.

Luna Moth Wing + Vampire Dust + Skeever Tail

Effects: Invisibility, Regenerate Health, Fortify Light Armor

Invisibility potions are always handy to have around, but this drink is much more than that. When sneaking through enemy territory like a thief or assassin, this potion ensures you remain properly equipped even if you break invisibility, ensuring a fairer confrontation.

Not only is this potion useful; it’s incredibly valuable too. You can craft dozens of jars of this drink to quickly increase your Alchemy skill or earn a stack of Septims.

Location of Ingredients:

  • Luna Moth Wing: These nocturnal insects are easily found in Skyrim. Look for small, glowing insects fluttering around at night.
  • Vampire Dust: Can be looted from dead vampires. Clean up Haemar’s Shame, Movarth’s Lair or do radiant missions for the Dawnguard to collect this supply.
  • Skeever Tail: These little mice are in caves and basements everywhere, and their tails can be looted when they’re dead.

Dwarven Oil + Snowberries + Fire Salts/Moon Sugar

Dwarven Oil + Snowberries + Fire Salts/Moon Sugar – Reproduction: Skyrim

Effects: Restores Magicka, Regenerates Magicka, Fire/Frost Resistance

This is the end of the list of the best potions in Skyrim – and this potion is perfect for a battle between mages. With its first two effects, it ensures that the Dragonborn doesn’t run low on spellcasting power during crucial moments, and you even restore your Magicka and ensure it recovers quickly after using it.

As Skyrim’s enemies are many and varied, you can adjust this potion to counter your opponents’ attacks. Depending on the type of enemy you are facing, you can decide whether the Fire Resistance or Frost Resistance effect is more useful.

Are you fighting Ahzidal or another fire-based dragon priest? Choose Fire Salts. Need protection from the icy attacks of a Forsworn Briarheart? Moon Sugar is the way forward.

Location of Ingredients:

  • Dwarven Oil: These little jars are, predictably, quite common in Dwarven ruins.
  • Snowberries: See above.
  • Fire Salts: If you manage to loot them before they explode, you can get Fire Salts from Flame Atronachs. Alternatively, keep an eye out wherever mages live.
  • Moon Sugar: As it is not found in the wild, the only way to obtain Moon Sugar is by buying or stealing from Khajiit shopkeepers or caravans.