Top 5 Sniper Rifles in Fallout 4

One of the key points of Bethesda’s most famous RPGs is that you can play however you want. You can be a stealthy thief or a literal battle tank. Fallout 4 adds even more possibilities with the weapon upgrade mechanics, allowing virtually anyone to be turned into sniper rifles.

Add a long-range viewfinder and increase the barrel and you’re done! But there are also in Fallout 4, weapons that come ready-made as a sniper so you can fight the Commonwealth threats from far away. And since special weapons can have special effects, everything gets even better.

In any case, this guide will help you find the best sniper rifles in Fallout 4.

Top 5 Sniper Rifles of Fallout 4

5. Tinker Tom Special

Special effect: Increases VATS accuracy, but costs extra AP. It only works out of combat.

This is a special weapon for those who are sneaky and stealthy like a real sniper. Coming with a silenced and long-range sight, this rifle increases the possibility of hitting enemies from a distance.

But it comes with two tricks: you can’t be in combat mode (ie you can’t be detected before firing) and it costs more AP peruse.

That said, it’s a great option for those who prefer Lone Survivor to be focused on stealth.

Where to find: Sold by Tinker Tom on railroad.

4. The Last Minute

It is made: 50% more damage to limbs

Gauss Energy Rifles are one of the most pleasurable AND powerful weapons in the game. Add in the ability to turn it into a sniper rifle and a really special effect and we have one of the best weapons in Fallout 4.

Not many firearms are capable of increasing body damage, so this is a weapon with great potential and one that is relatively easy to obtain.

Where to find: Sold by Ronnie Shaw at the Castle (regardless of the faction chosen for the main quest).

3. The Problem Solver

It is made: Increases damage each consecutive hit to an enemy

For this beauty, you will need the DLC Nuka-World. But it will be worth it. With one of the most powerful effects in the game, this weapon will become one of your favorites for dispatching powerful enemies.

Add a ranged sight and you’ll have an even easier life as the weapon’s damage increases as you hit the target.

Where to find: Mason will give you the weapon if you choose the dialogues correctly.

2. Overseer’s Guardian

It is made: Fire 2 projectiles

As with every other game in the franchise, you’ll be able to explore more Vaults than just what you’ve been through the past few days. And, in Vault 81, you’ll find this rifle that fires two bullets per shot.

That is, double damage. For all shots.

Just increase the barrel, change the ammo to a more powerful one and add the sight and you will probably have one of the best sniper rifles in the base game.

Where to find: Sold poor Alexis in Vault 81.

1. Kiloton Radium Rifle

It is made: Bullets explode on impact.

In addition to the powerful ballistic and radiation effects common to this type of rifle, the Explosive Radium Rifle, as the name says, still causes a small explosion when hitting the target. Every bullet.

The combination of effects is absolutely devastating and even dangerous for the user. Shoot too close to the victim or at a nearby wall and you’ll have to face the explosions too.

A safer way to use this weapon is to add a ranged sight and you’ll have one of the most explosive sniper rifles in Fallout 4.

Where did i getA: Sold by Brother Kane at Nucleos in Far Harbor.

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