What is the maximum points you should put in attributes? in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you can add points to stats to improve your character, but what is the most points you should put into a stat and use it efficiently?

What is the maximum points you should put in attributes?

Figuring out where those “soft caps” are, the most you can efficiently assign points, in FromSoftware games is often a game of trial and error.

When players are consistently fighting tougher enemies and leveling up starts to cost more and more, it becomes difficult to tell if a stat boost has started to slow down or if Elden Ring is getting harder. That’s why Reddit users getcheddarttv, AshuraRC, and sleepless_sheeple have counted when these soft caps occur for each stat, see below:

Put this soft cap cheat sheet together- credit to u/AshuraRC and u/sleepless_sheeple for crunching the numbers. Hope it’s helpful fellow tarnished! from Eldenring

Basically what he’s saying is that the maximum points you want to get for certain classes are as follows:

  • Stamina: 40 / 60
  • Mind: 55 / 60
  • Resistance: 50
  • Strength: 20 / 55 / 80
  • Dexterity: 20 / 55 / 80
  • Intelligence: 20 / 50 / 80
  • Faith: 20 / 50 / 80
  • Arcane: 20 / 50 / 80

For example, in a pure strength build you usually want to put a lot of points in strength, so 55 would be ideal, but you never want to go above 80, because from there the gain is not worth putting in that stat, and it’s better to invest in something else, such as stamina or stamina.