Where to Find Common Taboa in Red Dead Online

In Red Dead Online, a common board is found both in the game mode connected to the internet, as in the base story of Red Dead Redemption 2. Collecting this plant, even, can earn you the trophy “Perfect Harvest”.

It is worth stressing that you are probably looking for the common board in Red Dead Online precisely to obtain the conquest since the plant is highly poisonous to humans. In the game, out of curiosity, it serves only as a key ingredient in medicine, stimulants, and ointments for horses.

On the other hand, if you make the unfortunate mistake of ingesting common board in Red Dead Online, this will make your character vomit instantly. You can identify the plant by its long blade-shaped leaves and brown, petalless flowers. This will certainly make you avoid the unpleasant experience of consuming it.

Next, find out where to find this herb and increase your progress in the Rockstar Games title.

Common Taboo Locations in Red Dead Online

While Common Taboa can be found along river and lake shores in every state, we have found New Hanover to be the best place to efficiently harvest the plant.

New Hanover

  • Common Taboa can be found along the banks of the Dakota River, west of the Flat Neck station. Check out the island that juts out into the middle of the river, then head upriver. These paths alone should be enough to complete the “Collect 5 Common Tablet” task, which appears in the Daily Challenges of Red Dead Online.
  • Common Taboa can be found growing with some Burdock Root and Wild Mint between the Dakota River and the road leading southwest to Caliban’s Seat. The plant can be found on any side of the river in this area.
  • Common Taboa grows along the banks of a small stream southwest of Emerald Ranch, along with some raspberry and milkweed shrubs.


  • The Common Taboa can also appear in Lemoyne. You can find it along the coast of the Lanahechee River, just below the Catfish Jacksons Estate, on the southern tip of the Scarlet Meadows region.

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