Woodpecker Locations in Red Dead Online

It’s hard not to hear the trademark of a woodpecker in Red Dead Online as you traverse the forests of the American West of the Rockstar Games gaming universe. Like other birds, this species can be hunted for its meat or feathers, for crafts. However, if you’re after these particular birds, they’re likely to be one of the targets of the Daily Challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode.

There are two different breeds of woodpecker in Red Dead Online, and although both have red heads, the two can be easily distinguished. Anyway, you’ll find the location of all species below.

Woodpecker Locations in Red Dead Online

red dead woodpecker online

New Austin

  • There is a small population of woodpeckers between Stillwater Creek and Manteca Falls.
  • You should also check along the northern border of Hennigan’s Stead.

West Elizabeth

  • In West Elizabeth, woodpeckers reside in the eastern reaches of the Tall Trees region.
  • They can also be found around the Aurora Basin and spreading northeast towards the Upper Montana River.
  • From there, you can find woodpeckers all over North West Elizabeth, except on the peaks of Mount Shann.


  • This population continues across the border to the southwest and southeast of Ambardino.
  • The best hunting spots in Ambardino are in the northern reaches of the Cumberland Forest.
  • This population spreads north through the Tempest Rim and Calumet Ravine.
  • Departing from Calumet Ravine, a lighter population moves east through the northern reaches of Grizzles East.
  • They also inhabit a path diagonally across the Grizzlies East, around the northern shores of O’Creagh’s Run and towards the northernmost point of the Roanoke Ridge region of New Hanover.

New Hanover

  • The entire Roanoke Ridge region is a great location for hunting woodpeckers.
  • A safe bet is on the west end of New Hanover, all the way from the Kamassa River to the railroad, though they avoid Caliban’s seat.
  • The Heartlands’ southern border, along the northern shore of the Flat Iron Lake, is also worth checking out.


  • You can find woodpeckers along Lemoyne’s northern border in Bluewater Marshes.
  • They also reside on the east coast of Sisika Penitentiary, in the middle of Lannahechee River, east of Lemoyne.
  • However, the best place to look in Lemoyne is in the Scarlett Meadows region.
  • Woodpeckers inhabit all of western Lemoyne, though they avoid the lands north of Braithwaite Manor.
  • Woodpeckers can also be found on the west coast islands in Flat Iron Lake.

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